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Working Class Millennial, Queer Rights Activist, Community Advocate, equal parts Swifty and Dr. Dog Enthusiast. I believe in a progressive vision for Salem's future and the importance of community input in the planning of said future.

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Growing up, running for office is the last thing I ever believed I would do. Part of a working-class family, my dreams and aspirations always steered towards cooking and restaurants. It was this dream that brought me up to Massachusetts to earn a degree in Hospitality at Boston University. I spent over a decade working in restaurants learning everything I could about the industry, all while developing a deep love and respect for my newfound family. The COVID-19 pandemic and its unchecked impact on the restaurant industry propelled me into a life of advocating for them and involving myself in the political process to affect change. As a gay man existing in this tumultuous chapter of America’s history, I now find I have even greater reason to stand up as a voice for my LGBTQ+ community in the face of growing hate and intolerance, to ensure Salem remains a steadfast counter to those who seek to discriminate. 

Meanwhile, I see my Ward at a critical point of change with upcoming projects such as the offshore wind terminal and Shetland Park redevelopment. Both of these projects, alone, will have a dramatic impact on the future of the Ward and it is imperative we have a Councilor who understands the need for active community participation in these planning processes. It is my priority to be the voice for my neighbors in the community to ensure not only that they are heard, but also that these large developers are held accountable for their impact on our community.

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